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Air Flow Sensor 641RM Series

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Danh mục : Sensor & Transmitter
Nhãn hiệu : Dwyer

The SERIES 641RM features the same highly accurate heated mass flow sensor as the Series 641, with a remote probe construction. The units 6´ cable which connects the sensing probe with the electronic enclosure allows the enclosure to be mounted where it can be more easily accessed.

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641RM-12 641RM-12 Air velocity transmitter, without LED display Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
641RM-12-LED 641RM-12-LED Air velocity transmitter, w/LED display Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
A-159 A-159 Mounting Gland, Stainless Steel, Graphite Bushing Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

The Series 641RM Air Velocity Transmitter uses a heated mass flow sensor technology. It has 8 user selectable ranges from 250 FPM to 15000 FPM with corresponding metric ranges of 1.25 MPS to 75 MPS. The Series 641RM Air Velocity Transmitter provides an isolated 4-20 mA output proportional to the velocity. With the optional 1/2˝ 4-1/2 digit LED display, the Series 641RM Air Velocity Transmitter will provide a highly visible local readout of the velocity.

  • Exhaust stack flow monitoring
  • Air control in drying processes
  • HVAC air velocity measurements
  • Fan supply and exhaust tracking
  • Clean room ventilation monitoring

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