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Water leak detector BA/LDT1-PS-BB

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Danh mục : Sensor & Transmitter
Nhãn hiệu : Delta Controls
Dòng sản phẩm : Delta Water Leak Detector
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BA/LDT1-PS-BB - Water leak detector transmitter w/one 0.5A SPST contacts

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BA/LDT1-PS-BB BA/LDT1-PS-BB - Water leak detector transmitter w/one 0.5A SPST contacts Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

Power: 18 to 30VAC, ~4 VA Wiring: Flex Connector or Liquid Tight Fitting Relays Up to 6 wires for Alarm Contacts Transmitter 2 wires for Power Mounting: Lays in the pan with industrial adhesive tape or attached to the pan edge with screws Sensor: Standard: Attached SS probe w/ adjustable depth screw from .063” to .84” Optional: Remote Sensor w/ adjustable depth from 0.062 to 0.5”, Mounting to pan with industrial adhesive tape or 0.172” mounting holes Optional: Remote Long Line Wire Sensor (Rope), Plenum Rated. Detects 1/8” of water over the full length. Comes in 10, 25, 50 or 100 ft lengths. Detector Transmitter: Alarm Contacts LDT1: One SPST, 0.5A relay output, 10W max. LDT2: Two SPST, 0.5A relay outputs, 10W max. LDT3: One SPDT, 5A relay output LDT4: Two SPDT, 5A relay outputs Indication 1 Green Power LED, 1 Red Alarm LED Reset Action If latching, local push button or power interrupt Termination: Terminal strip, 12 to 24 AWG Latching and Supervised Relay Options: Latching: Relay stays in alarm until manually reset or power is cycled Non-Latching: Relay automatically resets after water has dried up (default) Unsupervised: Relay energizes on water detection Supervised: Relay de-energizes on water detection (default) Note: Relay de-energizes on loss of power Enclosure Ratings: Remote Sensor: Submersible, with FEP plenum-rated, waterproof cable Detector: BAPI-Box, NEMA 4 Ambient: Remote Sensor: -40 to 185ºF (-40 to 85ºC), 0 to 100%RH, Condensing Rope Sensor: 32 to 167ºF (0 to 75ºC), 0 to 95%RH, Non-condensing Detector (BB): -40 to 185ºF (-40 to 85ºC), 0 to 95%RH, Non-condensing Materials: Sensor: Stainless Steel BAPI-Box: Polycarbonate Agency: RoHS, UL94V-0 , UV-rated in Enclosure

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