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BCPro Software CH-BCM200-0

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Danh mục : Bms Software
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls
Dòng sản phẩm : BCPro™ Building Automation System
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BCPro Workstation Software, 10,000 objects, new project

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BCPro is your ideal choice when it comes to automating the environmental control and energy usage functions of conventional commercial buildings. Not only does it provide a comfortable environment for building occupants, it also reduces the cost of ownership by managing HVAC, lighting and other systems in the most energy-efficient way possible. By automating both routine and exceptional events, BCPro lessens the labor and resources needed to manage the facility as well as alerts operators to problems before they become expensive repairs.

  • Metasys® technology – Metasys® is the world’s smartest building automation system (BAS) developed by Johnson Controls. Now that same degree of technology has been captured in the BCPro system, bringing proven quality and reliability to smaller, less complex facilities.
  • Simplified architecture – All key functions for facility control are programmed into the field controllers and at the central workstation. Maintains high reliability for important functions without the cost and complexity of added layers to the system architecture.
  • Open standard BACnet® protocol compatible with MODBUS equipment – Allows for the integration of many systems provided by other manufacturers with the BCPro Workstation. Facility operators use a common interface for all subsystems.
  • All new graphic user interface – Makes use of graphic user interface to display buildings, floors and systems. Makes it easy for building operators to monitor, control and manage building facilities. The intuitive design reduces required training time for building operations staff.
  • Web-based user interface – Allows building operators to use any device with any web browser to access BCPro Workstation through building networks anytime anywhere.

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