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M9000 Series Ball Valve Linkage Kits

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Danh mục : Control Valve
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls

The M9000 Series Ball Valve Linkage Kits are designed specifically for mounting Johnson Controls® M9104, M9106, M9109, and M9100 Series Non-Spring-Return and M9203, M9208, and M9220 Series Spring-Return Actuators to Johnson Controls VG1000 Series Ball Valves in sizes 1/2 through 4 in. (DN15 through DN100). These sturdy linkage kits provide stable actuator mounting while preventing loading on the valve stem and stem seals, to ensure longer seal life

Mô tả Giá thành viên Mua hàng
M9000-518 VG1000 BALL VALVE LINKAGE (VG1000 Ball Valve Linkage with M9124) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-518-C Linkage to non-spring return actuator (Linkage to non-spring return actuator) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-519 VG1000 BALL VALVE LINKAGE (VG1000 Ball Valve Linkage with M9220) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-519-C Linkage to spring return actuator Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-618-C Linkage for butterfly valve DN50/65 Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-619-C Linkage kits Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-160 M9000-160 M9100/9216 Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-520 BALL VALVE LINKAGE (Ball Valve Linkage Assembly) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-520-4 BALL VALVE LINKAGE Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-532 LINKAGE 1-1/8" STROKE Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-560 M9000-560 DIRECT MOUNT (Ball Valve Linkage Kit) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-561 M9000-561 THERMAL (Thermal Barrier) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
M9000-604 ANTI-ROTATION BRACKET (Replacement Anti-Rotation Bracket Kit for M9310, M9203, M9208, M9210 and M9220 Series Electric Actuators) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

Features Multi-position setup allows the actuator and linkage kit to be positioned in 45-degree increments, facilitating installation in confined areas. Adjustable anti-rotation slider allows one linkage to accommodate multiple sizes of valve bodies and electric actuators. Index markings on drive shaft and mounting bracket allow the valve to be positioned in increments from fully open to fully closed, providing visual indication of the current valve position during setup and operation. Installation requiring no special tools facilitates quick and easy installation. Thermal spacer between valve and linkage reduces temperature and condensation from the valve to the actuator. Dual-centering bearing design maintains accurate stem alignment eliminating side loading on the VG1000 Series Ball Valve stem and stem seal to ensure longer seal life (M9000-51x Series Ball Valve Linkage Kit only). Sturdy aluminum construction provides exceptional strength and stability (M9000-51x Series Ball Valve Linkage Kit only). Glass-reinforced thermoplastic resin provides superior thermal isolation between the valve and actuator, and meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL) 94 5V Flame Class Rating (M9000-520 Series Ball Valve Linkage Kit only).

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