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VA1125 Non Spring Return Plant Valve Actuators

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Danh mục : Control Valve
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls

The VA1000 valve actuators are used to control valves in HVAC systems. They are of modular construction so that the required type of control signal is achieved simply by fitting a module with the required function in-situ. It can be mounted onto VG8000, VG8300 and VG9000 series valves.

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VA1125-GGA-1 PROPORTIONAL CONTROL24 Đăng nhập Đăng nhập


  • 24 VAC and 230 VAC power supply
  • Floating and Proportional control
  • Manual override
  • Automatic stem coupling
  • Actuator fixed to valve with one ring nut
  • Self adjusting, automatic stroke adjustment, calibrated pressure control at the end positions
  • 2 aux. switches, feedback potentiometer and split range unit available
  • IP66
  • Selectable characteristic curve
  • Selectable running time

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