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M9108 Series Non Spring Return Damper Actuators

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Danh mục : Damper Actuator
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls

8 Nm, ON/OFF, Floating and Proportional Control

The M9108 series electric actuators are direct-mount actuators. These bidirectional actuators do not require a damper linkage, and are easily installed on round shafts or square shafts using the standard shaft clamp included with the actuator. A single M9108 series electric non spring return actuator provides 8 Nm torque depending on the model. M9108 series actuators provide 90° of rotation. A graduated scale from 0° to 90° and a position indicator provide visual indication of stroke. Features Direct-coupled design Selectable direction of rotation Electronic stall detection Double-insulated construction Load independent Optional integrated auxiliary switches Manufactured under International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 Quality Control Standards Customized versions available

1 M9108 Series Proportional Electric Non-spring Return Actuators Submittal Bulletin