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M9132-GGA-2 Non Spring Return Damper Actuators

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Danh mục : Damper Actuator
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls
Dòng sản phẩm : M91xx series Non Spring Return Damper Actuators
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M9132-GGA-2 ROTARY ACTUATOR Đăng nhập Đăng nhập


The M91xx Series includes M9108, M9116, M9124, and M9132 models. All of these direct-mount electric actuators operate on 24 VAC or VDC power. The M91xx actuators are available for use with on/off, floating, proportional, or resistive controllers. These bidirectional actuators do not require a damper linkage, and are easily installed on a damper with a round shaft up to 3/4 in. (19 mm) in diameter or a square shaft up to 5/8 in. (16 mm). They may be direct or remote mounted to a damper or mounted to a valve using one of the M9000-5xx Valve Linkage Kits.

A single M91xx model delivers up to 280 lb∙in (32 N∙m) of torque. Two AGx, GGx, or HGx models in tandem deliver twice the torque or 560 lb∙in (64 N∙m). The angle of rotation is mechanically adjustable from 0 to 90° in 5-degree increments. Integral auxiliary switches are available to indicate end-stop position or to perform switching functions at any angle within the selected rotation range. Position feedback is available through switches, a potentiometer, or a 0 (2) to 10 VDC signal

The M91xx Series


M91xx actuators are designed to position air dampers and valves in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Applications include:

controlling face and bypass dampers

positioning blades for variable volume fans

positioning VG1000 Series ball valves and VG7000 Series globe valves when used with an M9000-5xx Valve Linkage

Two each of the following models provide twice the amount of running torque of a single unit when mounted in tandem: M9116-GGx or HGx; M9124-AGx, GGx, or HGx; and M9132-AGx or GGx

Refer to the manufacturer’s information to properly size the damper, valve, and/or actuator. Spring return actuators, such as Johnson Controls® M9206 and M9216 Series, are recommended for use with outdoor air dampers in cold climates.


M91xx actuators operate on 24 VAC at 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC. These compact actuators use a DC motor with stall detection circuitry that operates throughout the entire stroke. The GGx, HGx, and JGx models employ noise-filtering techniques on the control signal to eliminate repositioning due to line noise

Rotation is mechanically limited to 93° by integral end-stops. The position of the actuator is marked from 0 to 90° on the cover. An anti-rotation bracket prevents lateral movement of the actuator. Pressing the spring-loaded gear release on the actuator cover disengages the gear train for manual repositioning of the coupler.

The M91xx Series

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