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RS-1100 Series Room Command Module

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Danh mục : Thermostat
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls

The RS-1100 Room Command Modules are designed for use with Facility Explorer Series or System 91 controllers from Johnson Controls and provides a 0…10 V signal directly proportional to the sensed temperature.

Models are available with and without LCD display, room temperature setpoint adjustment dial, temporary occupied override function, and fan speed selection. The LCD display and the dial on the front of the module allow the room occupant to view the space temperature and adjust the temperature setpoint. Modules with LCD display will automatically request the temporary occupied (bypass) mode when the dial is moved during unoccupied or standby periods. On models without LCD display this function is activated by means of the temporary occupied button on the left side of the module.

Environmental and Comfort Data for the Occupant

All RS-1100 Series Room Command Modules provides a 0...10 V signal directly proportional to the sensed temperature.

Models without LCD Display without Temperature Dial

These models are used for space temperature sensing only

Models without LCD Display with Temperature Dial

The setpoint dial indicates the desired room temperature setpoint.

When the controller is not in occupied mode, the green LED blinks slowly. Operating the pushbutton will set the controller into temporary occupied mode and the LED will go steady indicating the comfort mode.

Models with LCD Display

The room command module displays the space temperature. When the occupant is moving the dial the setpoint is displayed with a slow blink cycle.

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