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Water Flow Switch FS-2 Series

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Danh mục : Sensor & Transmitter
Nhãn hiệu : Dwyer

The Series FS-2 Vane Flow Switches offers an economical flow proving solution. The FS-2 paddles are adjustable to fit 1 to 8" size pipe.

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FS-2 FS-2 Paddle flow switch, 1" male NPT Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

Product Applications

  1. Boiler flow proving
  2. Hot water heaters
  3. Chillers
  4. Cooling lines
  5. Machinery
  6. Liquid transfer systems


  1. Field adjustable set point adjustment screw allows for easy flow switch modification
  2. Custom application set points enabled by field adjustable vane layers
  3. Aluminum weatherproof housing permits outdoor installation

FS2 series product specifications

1 Series FS-2 Catalog Page
2 Series FS-2 Instruction Manual