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WR6161K-84 and WR61613K-84 20A Lighting Relay

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The WR6161K-84 and the WR61613K-84, 20 Amp Relays, are mechanically latching output devices. They receive signals from either the WRT4014-8 or WR3400 Relay Control T/U, the BBR901 Contact Input Relay Controller or a half-wave rectified AC signal and provide On/Off control of lighting and other electrical loads. The WR6161K-84 and the WR61613K-84 can control circuits rated up to 277 VAC at 20 A.

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WR61613K-84 WR61613K-84 20A HID Relay, SP, Override, On/Off Indicator, Aux LV Contact Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

  1. Provides On/Off control of lighting and other electrical loads using mechanically latching relays
  2. Electrical Life:
    –Rated for 60,000+ operations (30,000+ cycles) at full 20 A load.
    –Rated full-life with HID load
  3. Mechanical Life:
    –Rated for 120,000+ operations (60,000+ cycles)
  4. Short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 14,000 A at 277 VAC
  5. Includes manual override switch (integral to the relay)
  6. Provides at-a-glance indication of On or Off relay status
  7. Can be centrally located or distributed throughout the Full-2WAY system
  8. Sends relay status to the relay controller for transmission to switch LEDs and to host PC (if provided)
  9. Mounts on WR9910-8 Mounting Strap; WR6161K-84 requires one space.

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