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enteliBUS Backplane Expander eBX-08

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Danh mục : Bms Controller
Nhãn hiệu : Delta Controls
Dòng sản phẩm : enteliBUS Backplane Expander

eBX-08 enteliBUS Expander Backplane (8 slot)

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eBX-08 eBX-08 enteliBUS Expander Backplane (8 slot) Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

The enteliBUS Expander (eBX) is used for I/O expansion. Each expander supports upto 8 I/O modules (eBM-xxx). The eBX comes bundled with an expander backplane. Oneexpander module is required for each backplane.Expander backplanes come in two sizes supporting up to 4 or 8 I/O modules each.Connectors on the ends of each backplane allow up to 8 backplanes to be connectedtogether, and controlled from a single enteliBUS Automation Engine (eBCON oreBMGR). Application
The enteliBUS Control System is a fully programmable native BACnet® control platform. It is scalable and therefore cost effective over a wide range of applications,from low-density distributed control to high-density centralized I/O applications. Used together with an eBMGR or eBCON automation engine, the combination of different enteliBUS I/O modules is designed to support all typical input and output needs. This allows the controller I/O mix to be easily and efficiently tailored to fit any application
Modular, expandable I/O Up to 8 expanders/backplanes to a single Automation Engine (eBMGR or eBCON) Auto-detecting and hot swappable I/O modules LED status indications of power, module status and communication bus activity Snap fit, no tools required to add or remove modules Small footprint, DIN rail mountable Modular design provides flexibility, ease of service, and reduced cost for future upgrades and expansions


Backplane: Snap mount to standard 35 mm steel DIN rail eBX: Snap mount to backplane and standard 35 mm steel DIN rail assembly
Device Addressing
eBUS address set via rotary switch
Removable screw-type terminal connector for power
Wiring Class
Class 2 / SELV
24 VAC/DC 50/60 Hz @ 3 VA, 100 VA max with fully loaded modules* *eBX supplies power for up to 8 I/O modules connected to the backplane
32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C) 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
eBX-08** 5.0 x 9.3 x 4.0 in. (12.6 x 23.4 x 10 cm)
eBX-04** 0.913 lb (414 g) eBX-08** 0.974 lb (442 g)
**Dimensions are for eBX package with associated backplane
Enclosure Protection Rating
UL 916 Listed
UL 864 Listed for UL 864 product numbers

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