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CH-PCX Expansion Input/Output Modules for the BCPro

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Danh mục : Bms Controller
Nhãn hiệu : Johnson Controls

The CH-PCXs are expansion I/O modules with integral RS-485 MS/TP communications.

Mô tả Giá thành viên Mua hàng
CH-PCX2723-0 10-Point Expansion I/O Module with 8 UI, 2 AO, FC, and SA Bus Support. Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
CH-PCX3723-0 16-Point Expansion I/O Module with 16 BI, FC, and SA Bus Support. Đăng nhập Đăng nhập
CH-PCX3733-0 16-Point Expansion I/O Module with 8 BI, 8 BO, FC, and SA Bus Support. Đăng nhập Đăng nhập

CH-PCXs can serve in one of two capacities, depending on where they are installed in the control system. When installed on the Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus of CH-PCA and CH-PCX controllers, the CH-PCXs expand the I/O interfaces of the controllers. When installed on the Field Controller (FC) Bus, CH-PCXs can be used as I/O point multiplexors to support monitoring and control from a BCPro™ Workstation.

A full range of CH-PCA models combined with the CH-PCX models can be applied to a wide variety of building applications ranging from simple fan coil or heat pump control to advanced central plant management

If the product fails to operate within its specifications, replace the product. For a replacement product, contact the nearest Johnson Controls® representative.


Standard Protocol with BTL Listing–Provides interoperability with Johnson Controls® and third-party Building Automation System (BAS) products that use the widely accepted BACnet® standard

Standard Hardware and Software Platform–Uses a common hardware design throughout the family line to support standardized wiring practices and installation workflows.

Also uses a common software design to support use of a single tool for control applications, commissioning, and troubleshooting to minimize technical training.

Universal Inputs–Allow multiple signal options per channel to provide input flexibility.

Complete Product Family with Modular Components–Meets any HVAC equipment or building system control requirement using only the needed components.

Ability to reside on the FC Bus or SA Bus provides application flexibility


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